3 = software system, software program, app [application].
Nota: Abreviatura.
Ex. READS is a software system designed to run on a local area network (LAN) file server and accessed by multiple workstation.
Ex. In the Internet, a client is a software program that is used to contact and obtain data from a server software program on another computer, often across a great distance.
Ex. I am sick and tired of how Win 2000 runs DOS apps, but I need Windows for other reasons.
* aplicación comercial = commercial application, business application.
* aplicación de código abierto = open source software.
* aplicación didáctica = courseware.
* aplicaciones = toolbox [tool box].
* aplicaciones comerciales = proprietary software, commercial software.
* aplicaciones ofimáticas = office software.
* aplicaciones para la información = information solutions.
* aplicación filtro = filtering software.
* aplicación informática = application(s) program(me), application(s) software, computer application.
* aplicación multimedia = multimedia application.
* aplicación web = Web application.
* apoyo técnico de aplicaciones informáticas = software support.
* dedicado a una aplicación específica = dedicated.
* desarrollo de aplicaciones = software development, application development.
* productor de aplicaciones informáticas = application(s) developer.
* programa de montaje de aplicaciones = software packager.
* programador de aplicaciones bibliotecarias = library software developer.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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